Tom Wuytack, ICT Manager at Belga News Agency

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Every content professional, but especially journalists, are confronted with a multitude of challenges. In a world where media companies struggle for survival and end users expect tailored news whenever it suits them best, information overload forces one to abandon the traditional journalistic approach towards content handling (FIFO). While text used to be the main trigger for news, nowadays image, video and data are taking over. Providing unique content is key, but much of the valuable data is hardly accessible.

Can tools be of any assistance here? Discover the possibilities, the constraints and other key considerations in a real life case at Belga News Agency.

During his 14 years experience at Belga the agency as evolved rapidly into a multimedia information broker, whilst closely safeguarding a 24/7 high availability. Continuous innovation has always been crucial and resulted in the last 10 years into several award winning projects. (Datanews ICT award 2005 and 2013; EANA award 2014)

Big Industries (member of the Cronos Groep) works together with Belga News Agency to translate their ideas into a workable Big Data solution. The Belga Big Content Platform is a business-to-business content asset management service providing a searchable, aggregated source of live news feeds, public domain media and archives of content.

The platform will help find just enough, relevant, and timely content to help content professionals to get the information they require. The platform will aggregate and correlate content across multiple languages – Dutch, English, French, German, and will aggregate, correlate and make sense of content from disparate sources – for example, publicly accessible social media, archive sources, online media properties and other news agencies.

Big Industries was selected by Belga News Agency as their partner to design, develop and deploy the solution.