Big Data


From architecture definition through implementation to data science, we can help.


Big Industries offers structured discovery, strategy & planning exercises as short workshops formulated to help inform and engage stakeholders.

We blend industry leading experience in Big Data technologies to define the optimal foundation for next generation, mature and enterprise ready information processing applications.

Cloud computing

We can help you to build highly scalable and secure Big Data applications fast both on the cloud and on-premise.

Security and Governance

Big Industries offers specialist knowledge and expertise in securing and managing big data platforms for a variety of use cases.

Artificial Intelligence

Big Industries offers data science consulting in order to help organisations to operationalise their big data, including knowledge and experience with contemporary tools, trends and techniques like deep learning. Our Data Science consultants are experienced in using leading Big Data statistics, analytics & machine learning suites including R, Python and Apache Spark.

Data Driven Applications

We have experience delivering data-driven applications across a range of industries and for a variety of purposes.

Big Industries focuses on developing Big Data solutions that deliver foundation business value early while incrementally adding advanced features over time.