Hadoop Deployment Planning

An increasing number of organizations are seeking ways to profit from Big Data, and Hadoop is rapidly proving itself to be both a versatile and a capable enabler when it comes to unlocking the Big Data value proposition. Organisations adopting Hadoop as a key component in their enterprise architecture need to evaluate which Hadoop distribution they will implement in addition to considerations such as data security, performance, scalability and manageability.

Workshop Scope

Hadoop major components & features
– Components overview
– Application resource management
– Application resource governance

Workload considerations

Technical & Feature considerations between the major vendors – Cloudera, HortonWorks, MapR
– Data Protection & Security
– Management tools
– Deployment
– Upgrade
– Access controls
– Encryption
– Accounting, governance
– DR features

Review of enterprise system vendor offers – IBM, Oracle, EMC

Service management considerations
– Release management
– Scalability concerns & capacity planning
– Security best practises
– Archival and backup
– Monitoring, alerting
– Performance management, elasticity
– Reliability, durability

Hardware budgeting, selection & configuration
– Server architectures and options
– Switching, other network elements
– Racking considerations

SLA planning

Business Continuity planning

Staff training & readiness planning

Workshop Practicalities

Format: Two-day workshop.

Big Industries can run this workshop in our training facilities or at your premises.

The engagements are delivered by Rob Gibbon. Rob is an experienced Solution Architect with extensive applied knowledge of Hadoop and Hadoop ecosystem technologies.

Big Industries can run this workshop in our training facilities or at your premises.